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CANTON, Ohio (April 4, 2012)

Protect Your Bubble Launches in US and Selects Hartville Group as Pet Insurance Partner

Online specialty insurance brand offers flexible coverage options through Hartville Group pet insurance plans

The Hartville Group, Inc. along with its Petsmarketing Insurance.com Agency, Inc. subsidiary, one of the oldest and largest pet insurance providers in the U.S., today announced its selection as strategic pet insurance partner for Protect Your Bubble, a new online insurance brand of specialty insurance products.

The pet insurance plans will be offered through Protect Your Bubble’s website and mobile app. The Hartville Group also provides pet insurance through its agency under the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance program as well as its Hartville Pet Insurance and Petshealth Care Plan brands. As the only strategic partner for pet insurance with the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®), Hartville has provided ASPCA Pet Health Insurance as a private label program to U.S. consumers since 2006.

Protect Your Bubble launched in the U.S. as the modern consumer’s new choice for protecting critical lifestyle elements such as wireless and home gadgets, pets, travel and more. Protect Your Bubble is tailored to deliver insurance products in a connected, fast changing modern world—focusing on the little things and moments in life that carry a big emotional connection.

Protect Your Bubble chose Hartville as its pet insurance partner because of the flexible, feature-rich plans as well as its superior operations, claims and customer service capabilities. As the strength of the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance program demonstrates, Hartville is uniquely positioned in the pet insurance industry to offer customized private label pet insurance programs.

“We’re excited about this partnership with the Protect Your Bubble brand for pet insurance,” said Dennis Rushovich, CEO of the Hartville Group. “Protect Your Bubble’s fresh and innovative approach, combined with our flexible plans and product knowledge make this a great partnership that will once again demonstrate Hartville’s leadership in the pet insurance market as a partner.”

“We designed our new plans very carefully to keep in step with advancements in veterinary care and to give customers a range of coverage choices,” Mr. Rushovich said. “At the same time, we paid close attention to cost. After all, a pet insurance plan can only help pet parents if they can afford it. The new plans in the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance program will go a long way in helping US pet parents.”

Protect Your Bubble has enjoyed a strong brand presence in the U.K. since 2008. The U.S. launch of its insurance products will be supported by a national advertising campaign that includes a mix of digital, mobile, social, broadcast and grassroots marketing efforts.

“Consumers traditionally think of insurance in terms of life, homeowners, health or auto policies, but times are changing and there are so many other things we now want to protect,” said Stephen Ebbett, President of Protect Your Bubble, Europe and North America. “We’ve identified the little things in life that mean a great deal to today’s consumer, and we plan to educate consumers about how to protect them.”

“Hartville is the ideal partner for the Protect Your Bubble brand of pet insurance because of its plan strength, product insights and significant operational capabilities,” Mr. Ebbett continued. “Importantly, Hartville is uniquely able to understand the custom approach we wanted to take and to make it happen.”

About Hartville Group, Inc.

The Hartville Group is one of the largest providers of pet health insurance in the US, offering pet insurance under the brand names ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, Hartville Pet Insurance and Petshealth Care Plan. As part of its strategic partnership with the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) Hartville Group provides ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. Hartville is a wholly owned subsidiary of United States Fire Insurance Company, a member company of Crum & Forster.

For more information about the Hartville Group, visit www.hartvillegroup.com. For more information about ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, visit www.aspcapetinsurance.com.

About Protect Your Bubble

Protect Your Bubble is a specialty insurance brand, offering convenient and affordable insurance for gadgets, pets and travel - all for today’s modern consumer. Headquartered in Atlanta, Protect Your Bubble is available online, via mobile app or phone, allowing consumers to understand, buy and, most importantly, protect the little things and moments that enrich lives. Find Protect Your Bubble USA on Facebook or Twitter (@PYBUSA) or visit www.protectyourbubble.com for more information or to get a two-minute quote on insuring all the things and moments you can’t live without.

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