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Valuable Coverage That’s There When You Need It

Hartville’s plans have a straightforward approach: Give pet parents the coverage they need, at a cost that’s as affordable as possible.

It may seem like a simple idea, but Hartville’s dedication to it is unique among pet insurance companies.

The first pet insurance plans in the US used a benefit schedule, which sets a fixed reimbursement amount based on the diagnosis. Payouts do not change for individual pets’ treatment circumstances or geographic costs. Hartville was the first provider to avoid a benefit schedule—and other providers have since followed our lead.

More recently, newer providers have sought to provide very high or “unlimited” amounts of coverage. These plans, however, can come with a much higher price. In fact, some plans can cost as much as $80 or $41 per month compared to a similar Hartville plan at $30 per month.* A pet insurance plan can only help pet parents if they’re able to afford it.

Hartville designs its plans based on years of actuarial data and customers’ experiences. That way, our plans can provide the coverage that a large majority of pet parents need, while setting reasonable limits to keep the premiums more affordable.

Hartville’s plans reimburse up to 90% of covered costs, and customers meet a low deductible once a year—not per incident. Plans can cover accidents, illnesses, wellness care, hereditary and congenital conditions, chronic problems, alternative therapies, behavioral issues and more. Also, there’s no limit to the number of claims we’ll cover in a year.

Learn more about our coverage at the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance website.

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*Based on mixed breed dog under age 1 in zip 11215 as of 4/17/14; using reasonably comparable plans, including co-insurance and deductible amounts where available.