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3 Easy Steps to Get Started with Pet Insurance

Hartville has made it simple to round out your benefits program with pet insurance!

  1. Register today by telling us a little about yourself. We’ll help you get started with the program that works best for your group. Payroll deduction is available for companies with more than 500 employees.
  2. We’ll provide a link to our online quoting engine with your unique priority code as well as other free communications, including brochures and a customizable introduction letter.
  3. Your participants can enroll online anytime or call us for friendly advice. Their coverage won’t be cancelled if they leave your group.
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Did you know? We have a 10% discount for eligible multiple pets, so your participants can save even more when they insure all of the dogs and cats in their family.

Please note: Pet insurance is a property and casualty product. You must be licensed for property and casualty insurance sales to be eligible for commission payments.