Hartville Pet Insurance Group - A proven partner

Become a Pet Insurance Marketing Partner

Our rich operational capabilities and extensive insurance marketing expertise have made Hartville Pet Insurance Group the premier partner in the industry for custom marketing programs.

Marketing organizations interested in developing pet insurance businesses as part of their existing customer populations or marketing efforts consistently choose Hartville to build pet insurance programs in new and innovative ways.

Pet insurance plans that are desirable to consumers, priced appropriately based on solid actuarial data, supported by strong underwriting and administered by robust operational and claims systems take several years and substantial investment to develop. Hartville leverages its success in all of these areas to set up and administer these programs with partners.

Partnership options for pet insurance program development can include the use of Hartville’s own brands or the development of private label programs for appropriate partners.

In addition to co-marketing partnerships, Hartville has unique experience in the pet insurance industry to customize other marketing programs, such as lead-generation initiatives with national affiliate partners. Hartville operates a dedicated call center and robust customer relationship management tools that are able to effectively support these programs.

Email us to learn more: marketing@hartvillegroup.com